WANT: Studio Pullover


When I first heard from Cirilia Rose that she was publishing a book, I knew it was going to be good, of course. Since way back in our Web’s days, I’ve admired Cirilia’s style and design sense. Something that stands out in all of her designs, is her talent for integrating the perfect knit into every facet of style. She’s no cloistered knitter; rather, she’s a writer, explorer and fashionista who applies those sensibilities to her amazing knits.

The designs in Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads are all fun and eminently wearable, but the Studio Pullover is the one that really has me drooling. The gorgeous mohair intarsia reminds of me of a Rhodopi cherga, a homemade shag rug/bedspread with long mohair ties, that you’ll likely find yourself lounging on or under if you spend any time in the Rhodopi Mountains.

photo courtesy of Guest House Geranitsa (благодаря!)
photo courtesy of Guest House Geranitsa (благодаря!)

Only Cirilia could come up with something covered in a rainbow of mohair, yet flattering and easy to wear. She also includes some great insight into her design process (and it IS a process). Love it.

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