Turning Off and Casting On

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with Facebook?

Over a year ago, my husband gave up Facebook. Since then, he’s written a book, finished several embroidery projects, read goodness-knows-how-many pages, completed P90X, and taken up stamp collecting. Until today, I remained on Facebook. I can barely keep my six geraniums alive, I’ve gained three kilos, my reading/attention span are in the dumps, and the house is littered with yarn ends that I tucked in, snipped, and never bothered to throw away.

So I’ve declared August a Facebook-free month. I’ll still be updating (at least theoretically) my Work Even and Balkanite pages. But my personal profile will be gone for a bit. I may stay off for longer than a month, or I may return in September. In the meantime, I need to refocus, give my eyes and neurons a break from social media, and buckle down on some projects that are very meaningful to me. For starters, I have two sleeveless tops on the needles that are nearly finished!

What are your feelings about social media? How has it added to– or taken away from– how you spend your time? Are you doing anything to unplug this summer?